Asphalt Hot Mix Silo

Asphalt Hot Mix Silo

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Asphalt Hot Mix Silo

There is no other better product than our offered Asphalt Hot Mix Silo for storing hot asphalt produce mix. Needless to say, nobody likes to wait for mix, running production without interruptions allows companies engaged in construction work to maximize efficiency and lessens waste material. To suffice needs of our customers regarding storage and mixing of hot asphalt, we provide Asphalt Hot Mix Silo where number of diverse mixes can be stored for long days without hassles and can be well-mixed.

Key Points

  • It reduces the operational costs and betters the condition of hot mixes
  • This silo system well-mixes warm aggregates and hot asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the correct and needed temperature
  • Carries Standard design, superior finish, traverse conveyors & batchers
  • Easy to work with, this silo system is free from any sorts of defects